Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Quick Update

I have not forgotten this project. However, the time needed to mold the putty is too long to get much done without interuption from the little one, hence not much further forward. Here are a couple of photos of the current figures, one of a member of the legion, the other a member of the forces of Uber Gruntshuffen (ie a more 'historical' figure).

The legionary needs his helmet decoration doing before being moulded, while the other one needs his jacket tails and tricorne completing.

Or at least they would have if I had taken the photo of the second figure!

Friday, 2 January 2009

10:1 Organisation

Following on from yesterdays post;

The Century
Composed of six Musketeers, six Pikemen, one Officer, one Ensign, two NCOs and one Gunner with an Amusette.
The Regiment
Composed of four Centuries plus one Colonel, 2 or 3 Drummers, six Legere, one Legere Officer, one Legere NCO, six Mounted Troopers, one Mounted Officer and one mounted NCO.

The breakdown given above has the basic combat formations shown, in approximately the correct ratios. I have slightly increased the numbers of Legere and Mounted Troops (by one figure each) to give a more balanced split to the force and to get closer to the 'half' company size
A full Legion would have four of the above Regiments plus one General, one ADC, one Legion Standard Bearer, the Artillery and a few engineers etc.
How does this look as a scale version of the force listed yesterday?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Legion - Organisation

Gentle reader, your aid is most urgently sought. Following the Yuletide Festivities, Herr Gruns has recieved new stock of cloth etc from the Duchess Irma, enough to enable him to complete the majority of his uniform designs. The latest incarnation of the uniform is well under way and will be shown here very soon. However, we do need your help and advice on a quite urgent matter.
The goal of this project has always been to produce a wargaming force built around the ideas put forward by de Saxe. As I will be casting the figures then I can happily work to whatever ratio of troops that I wish. The favourite being 10:1 so 1 casting equals 10 men. Reading the 'original' version scanned by Google there is a complete breaskdown of a Legions composition.
Could you please have a read of the following and then suggest what I would need to make to build the model Legion.

The Legion

General x1
Major x1
Quatermaster x1
Engineers, Surgeons etc x12
Carpenters x10
Wagons x10 (with 20 drivers)
Cannon x2
Pontoons x2
Regiments (4) x3524*

The Regiment

Colonel x1
Lieutenant-colonel x1
Major x1
Drum Major x1
Surgeon x1
Centuries (4) x736*
Half Century Light Infantry x70
Half Century Cavalry x70

The Century

Centurion x1
Leuitenant x1
Second Leuitenant x4
Ensign x1
Sargeant Major(?) x1
Fourier x1
Captain of Arms(?) x1
Fifer x1
Drummers x3
Companies (10) x170

The Company

Sargeant x1
Corporal x1
Soldiers x15

The Light Infantry and Cavalry are drawn from amongst the normal troops of the companies, as are the crews for the Amusettes which are attached at the rate of one per Century.

Assuming 10:1 figure scale and with the Infantry deploying in 4 ranks what do you think is needed, how many of each and why. Of the soldiers forming the bulk of the Companies, two types are required as the rear two ranks are armed with both Pike and musket whilst the front two ranks only have the musket.


Here is the key for the diagrams