Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Christmas gift For Little Irma

My apologies for the poor photos but my usual place has been taken over by Santa's little helpers.
Again this is just one that I have finished to see how it looks. Still need to work on pose and detailing, but overall I am rather pleased with this one (obviously you do not get to see the ones that I am not happy with).
Quick overview of the little chap. He stands 27mm to th top of his head. The shoes and leggins are as I described in a previous post, i.e. that is done the wrong way round with the gaiter going over the top of the shoe. This will be changed on the next batch. The jackets are; a long under waistcoat with sleeves made of fabric; a short over waistcoat without sleeves made of leather.
It is quite hard to see some of the differences due to the poor lighting.
Other details added since the figure was last shown - the arms, musket, belts, cartridge box, sack, shoulder tabs for unit identification and the @@*%%$%$ stupid decoration on the top of the helmet.
Anyway let me know what you think.


David said...

He's an attractive figure - looks much better than the illustration from the book, in fact! Perhaps it's partly because his legs look as if they are in gaiters rather than in the Hollywood Robin Hood tights of the picture! :-)

Nice work.



abdul666 said...

Wow! Here he is! Complete with helmet, at that -compliments!
I can only second David's comments.

Best wishes to Little Irma; maybe in time she will turn into the Duchess of Starkenz?


abdul666 said...

The legwear, looking more 'realistic' -or at least 'historical' /'conventional'- contributes to the 'willing suspension of disbelief' when seeing such an 'rig-out'.
Yet de Saxe insisted on the absence of garters ("that cause martyrdom"): maybe a (paint) suggestion of buttoning would suffice to give the 'right' impression?

As for what happens at the ankles... your current rendition, with the gaiter going over the top of the shoe, being more conventional contributes to the 'believable' look, and nothing in the source disproves it.Thus...
Since the source is so ambiguous -or rather totally uninformative- a conservative solution, regardless of the sculpting (for me I tend to favor your current one) could be to paint gaiters and shoes with the same leather color?

tradgardmastare said...

I think he looks great! Well done to you for producing such a fantastic chap worthy of De Saxe himself!

editionspdidi60 said...

A strange farrago, obviously dictated by the marechal under the influence of opium!