Wednesday, 5 May 2010

They're Here!

And without further ado let me say that they are wonderful. My unreserved compliments go to Richard for capturing exactly what I wanted, regardles of my rambling requests.
As I have jjust told him, having only seen pictures of the figures I was shocked at how small they were. Not that they are small, it's just that the pictures showed on my screen as about 6 inches high.
For those of you who are interested, here are the photos (I have resized them to 640x480 so they are not too large). Remember, if you want to see a larger version then click on the picture.





Now it's off to the casters for them, after I've had another look!


abdul666 said...

They really, really look like straight from the Reveries' plates.
Quite an achievement -warmest compliments to Richard and yourself.


Starkadder said...

Well done. De Saxe is a personal hero for me as well. That's a very fine effort for the Legion.

I have a French WAS imagination army (Nouvelle-Champagne). A set of these would be perfect. Is there a schedule for the lancers?

A J said...

Excellent figures! They really have personality. I look forward to seeing their metal descendants.

ColCampbell50 said...

These look like they wouold be a fine addition to the Persipality of Monte-Cristo, eh Jean-Louis?

Looking forward to seeing the painted figures once you get that far.


tradgardmastare said...

Give you joy of your figures !

I too can't wait to see the metal chaps - and then the painted ones....

abdul666 said...

Poor Monte-Cristo has neither the means nor the population to raise even a micro-army...
Yet when Louys was corresponding with Maurice, they exchanged some ideas about the possible uniform for an Amazon Corps (or at least a body of vivandieres) attached to the Legion.

East Riding Militia said...

JL - the compliments should all be for Richard, he has done a lovely job.
Starkadder - Next will be the light infantry, amusette with crew and regimental cavalry. After that will be the Dragoons and the Horse. The Horse have the lances. So yes they will be made, eventually!
To you all - thanks for the kind comments and interest.

tidders said...

Superb figs, I'm sure the completed unist will look great

-- Allan