Friday, 12 March 2010

The Dress Code for the Men of the Legion

Gentlemen, please examine the Codes presented here, they are to be used for the dressing of you regiments. Please comment upon what is written, as once the details are with the tailors it will not be possible to change the look of the troops. For images of the proposed uniforms please refer to earlier communications.

Shoes: A leather, low fronted Court shoe with a low heel (Buckle or similar?).

Leg Wear: Leather Breeches that reach to just below the middle of the thigh. They are buttoned on the lower 3 inches on the outside of the leg. The buttons being on a short cord to enable them to also fasten on to the gaiters. The gaiters are of a soft leather , rising well above the middle of the thigh. They have a seam running down the rear of the leg. The gaiter ends inside the shoe, in a similar fashion to the stockings worn earlier in the century.

Shirt: A loose fitting shirt is worn, this is visible at the wrists where it is gathered in and also at the neck where it is worn closed.

Waistcoat A full length, sleeved waistcoat is worn. It reaches is level with the bottom of the breeches. There are no turn-backs, but there are cuffs and a collar. The cuffs are folded back about 5 inches and are split on the outside edge. The collar is loose from the neck, exposing the shirt worn underneath and is folded down. Attached to the sleeves of the waistcoat are brass shields on which the Legion and Regiment numbers are displayed.

Jerkin: A (Buff?) leather, sleeveless jerkin is worn above the waistcoat. It reaches mid way between the waist and the bottom of the waistcoat. It is buttoned (or hooked or laced) at the front. At the neck, the jerkin fits under the down turned collar of the waistcoat.

Head-wear: Hair is kept short and is to be covered by a small lambskin (fleece) wig. A metal helmet of the 'Roman' model is worn. The front of the helmet is decorated with two metal fans reminiscent of bird wings, which curve back as they rise. Between the wings is a single piece representing the birds neck. Around the the base of the helmet there is a stuffed band of woven or twisted cloth which shows the colours of the Legion and Regiment.

Belts in the order they are put on: Around the waist, over the jerkin there is a belt which fastens to the front. It supports a pouch immediately to the rear of the scabbard. Then there is a thin belt worn on the right shoulder. This has a buckle at breast height. From this belt a scabbard for the bayonet is worn. The scabbard hangs slightly to the front of the left thigh. Over the left shoulder there is a wider belt which supports the cartridge pouch on the right hip. This belt is fastened by using a covered hook at the front.

Cloak: A light, hooded cloak is worn in bad weather. It is loose fitting and has a hood which covers the head completely. It hangs to just below the knee. When not in use it is rolled and carried over the left shoulder, being knotted at the left hip, just above the cartridge box.

Musket: The musket is 60 inches long. It is breech loading, the mechanism for which is alongside the trigger.. There is a thin sling attached, used to carry it over the right shoulder, angled to the left hip.

Bayonet: The bayonet is 24 inches long and inserts into the barrel of the musket (a plug bayonet). It has a guard on it so that it may also be used as a sword if needed. The guard is a simple crosspiece.

Half Pike: Overall it is 12 feet long, including the metal head of 18 inches. The shaft is hollow and is wrapped in varnished parchment. (visible as spirals on the plates).

Variations: The front two ranks carry only the musket. This should have the bayonet fixed. The rear two ranks carry the half pike in addition to the musket. They should carry the musket slung and the bayonet in it's scabbard.
Officers: Dress is varied as follows. Breeches are of cloth and come below the knee. Gaiters are replaced with stockings which reach to the lower thigh and are supported by garters. They do not wear the jerkin. The waistcoat is worn longer, coming to cover the tops of the stockings, and is buttoned to the front. The neck line is higher, coming up to near the neck at the front. It is embellished with lace to the edging (front, skirt, cuffs, collar and pockets). The shirt has laced edges on the collar and cuffs The helmet is similar to that worn by the troops, but the decoration is more elaborate (taller and more detailed). Over the right shoulder is worn a belt to support a sword scabbard on the left hip. A sash is worn over the left shoulder, being knotted at the right hip. Equipment is a foil (or does it need to be bigger?) worn in the scabbard and a pike carried on the right.

NCO: Dressed as a pikeman. The musket, bayonet, scabbard, cartridge pouch and associated belts are not carried. The waistband and pouch on the left hip is still worn. The pike is replaced by a halberd with central spike and two opposing blades in a shape similar to a fleur de lye.

Musicians: Dressed as the NCO, but with no jerkin and without the Halberd. The waistcoat has lace added in a similar manner as the officers and the sleeves are heavily laced. The waistband, pouch and scabbard belt with scabbard are worn. The cartridge pouch and its belt are not worn. In their place a wider belt is worn to support a drum held at the right hip. On the belt are holders for the drumsticks. Along with the drum a fife is carried, it's case being attached to the waistband alongside the pouch. The scabbard holds the standard bayonet.


abdul666 said...

A minor point:"Around the the base of the helmet there is a stuffed band of woven or twisted cloth which shows the colours of the Legion and Regiment."
While the turban / stuffed band seems indeed to be of the facing color (or black as default value for the heavy cavalry, without any 'facing' visible when totally encased in black armor?) the lace/string 'crossed' above seems to be always *red*. Now, the 'real' helmet of de Saxe's Uhlans featured this kind of turban / stuffed cloth 'sausage' held by crossed leather straps: these are described as 'of red Russian leather'.

tradgardmastare said...

Can't wait for the lead to appear...