Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Orders From the Duchess

Having heard of the impending arrival of the new troops the Duchess has decreed that there must be a clearout of existing forces. As I dare not disobey a direct order, a clearout is exactly what will happen.

I have about 12 crates worth of figures which I have been told to sell! I will be listing them on my site, everything will be nice and cheap. The first dozen or so bits are up now and the rest will be going on as soon as I can sort, photograph and weigh them. Please treat yourselves and ensure that the Duchess gets her new troops at the earliest opportunity...........

1 comment:

Frankfurter said...

Alas, something glitched when I tried to go to your site ...
could you zing me the URL at ahawk@centurytel.net?
Any Dark Ages, 15mm SYW or AWI?
PS: Here in America, there is an expression "to get the lead out!" ... unfortunately, it is a figure of speech and does not really apply to your conundrum.