Thursday, 22 April 2010

WIPs WIPs Everywhere.

I thought I'd take the time to show you the WIPs of all 5 figures which will go together to make the 'Century'. All are at the basic posed stage and are awaiting detailing.

First we have the Musketeer, as previewed last week;

Next we have the Pikeman, we've opted to have a wire pike rather than a cast one. The one here is just shown to give an idea;

Third figure is the NCO, who will be armed with a halberd. Again this will be of wire, but there will be a cast head to go on to it;

Fourth one up is the Musician, seen here with his rather splendid drum;

Lastly we have the Officer, bravely urging his troops onwards;

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed the slight difference in the uniform between the first 3 figures and the last 2. Neither the Officer or the Musician are wearing the sleevless leather waistcoat. Although not mentioned in the Reveries, I decided to go with this idea as it sets them apart a little and allows more space on the coat for extra detailing, lace etc..
For casting, the idea is to have a production mold with 1 Officer, 1 Musician, 1 NCO, 7 Musketeers and 7 Pikemen. This will allow me to do a Century of 170 men at 1:10 scale with one spin! Should people prefer using 1:20 scale then each spin of the mold will produce 2 Centuries. This, I hope, makes it reasonably versatile and maximises the number of useful figures from each spin. Should there be space for an extra figure or two then I will put in more musketeers and pikemen.


A J said...

Shaping up nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Very nice! You must be very excited and pleased by the way your project is progressing. I too look forward to seeing the final results

tradgardmastare said...

Moving forward well- I also await the final results with keen anticipation!
p.s Any rule thoughts for these proud fellows once they are upon the tabletop?

Fitz-Badger said...

Shaping up to be very elegant figures!

East Riding Militia said...

For some reason the following post isn't showing. However Blogger did email it to me, so here it is;

A very interesting project. I like the pose - animated and aggressive, without going nuts about it (as the old plastic manufacturers had a distressing tendency to do, which rather depreciated their otherwise fine figures).
I notice you are leaving the head-gear options open. Are they to ba cast separately?

Posted by Archduke Piccolo to Duchy of Strackenz at 23 April 2010 05:36

East Riding Militia said...

Now to some responses:
AJ + Der Alte Fritz- So am I!

tradgardmastare- I've not really thought about rules as I game very little. B.A.R. is probably the way I will go. 80 figure regiments must look good :-)

Fitz-Badger- they are indeed.

Ion- I'm pleased you like the pose. de Saxe mentions that his regiment was led in this fashion, so what choice did I have. I think Richard has got the balance just right. The heads will be on the figures. They are just one of the many details that Richard is still working on.


tidders said...

Wow, what a nice project, the partly completed greens are looking good

-- Allan

Paul said...

Interesting project !
What height will the figures be
in millimeters ?



East Riding Militia said...

Hi Paul,
What a good question! When I get one in my grubby little hands I will be able to answer exactly. That said, they are being sculpted to match in with the Minden Miniatures SYW range and are being done dy the same sculptor. From memory the Mindens come out at around 30mm. There are a few comparison shots on the various Imagi Nation blogs which show Minden against other manufacturers figures. I will have a look and see if I can find them, unless someone can post a link to their site?

Paul said...

Hi Steve
A wise choice, both in figure size
& sculptor

looking forward to seeing these.