Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back in the Workshop of Herr Gruns

Work continues on outfitting his many illustrious clients. But during it all his mind is comparing the options available for what could be his largest commission.

Currently the issue is of gaiters. Should they be higher or lower?


tradgardmastare said...

Length looks about right to me.I can't wait to see the finished figures!
best wishes

East Riding Militia said...

Hi Alan
Each gaiter on the figure is of a different height. Scaling it up the difference would be about 10cms or so, just wondering which people prfer

abdul666 said...

Hi Steve (I believe to remember?)

Don't remember if de Saxe wrote anything about legwear? By default, I guess he would have kept the current pattern of the country he served most recently (and brilliantly): France.
[Anyway the only obvious difference I know of -and it's more an impression, but seemingly confirmed by David's templates- is that the British gaiters raised higher than in other armies?]

I tend to prefer the right leg gaiter - looks quite WAS to me.

Btw, do you intend to give the legionaries the leather pavise and half-pike? I believe to remember at some time de Saxe favoured the plug bayonet, but I'm not sure it's in the Reveries.

Of course useful information -or at least hints- would come from the contemporary illustrations of the Reveries. I doubt a new query on TMP would give better results, but I remember a member of the Old_School_Wargaming group described the Reveries as a *gorgeous* book, so he may own an illustrated edition?

Looking forward for the next step!

Fitz-Badger said...

I don't know which is more correct, but the lower/shorter one gives you more trouser color showing (or more trouser space to paint).
Great start! Looking forward to watching your progress :-)

East Riding Militia said...

The only mention I found on gaiters was that they should not be white.
Half-Pikes: Yes
Shield: Yes
Plug Bayonet: Yes (it is in Reveries)
Breech Loading Muskets: Yes
Turkish Coat with Hood: Yes
Sheepskin Wig: Yes? Although my copy of Reveries does not mention it, but I did read it in one of your quotes. Could you point me to a link for this please.

abdul666 said...

Wow! "Les Reveries" has been numerized by Google: URL
(if it doesn't work, a google search ' "de saxe" reveries' will lead you to 'books" search where you'll find the link). Some plates are even in full color!
Just started browsing it:
Legionary dress p. 12 (front) & 15 (back) the gaiters seem to rise even higher on the thighs than the British pattern here, more 'normal' on other illustrations - p.54 e.g.; but de Saxe advoctas high 'stockings' in winter to be worn above the gaiters - did not explore if this explains the difference.
Legionaries in battle p.60 & 62
amusette p.54 (the first contemporary illustration I discover!).
Armored cavalry (illustrated) p. 85

(actually the full-page plates seem to be outside the page numbering?)
The helmet look like the Uhlans' pattern, but with odd 'wings' (or a pair of male peacok-pigeons / turkeys tails?) in addition!

The whig is described p.13.

Good reading! Though the text is not only in French, but in 18th C. printing and orthograph ('s' typed 'f'...).

Best regards,