Tuesday, 4 November 2008

In the Workshop of Gruns theTailor

"Master, this is a great honour that has been given you by our beloved Duchess. However I do not know how we will fulfill this task, the instructions are so vague."

'Do not worry Schmeid, as the apprentice no blame will attach to you if we do not please our little Irma. Tonight I will, again, read the document which Fassbinder the Steward gave us and, again, pray for inspiration.

But I have also had copies of the description made and they will be sent with all haste to anyone who may help us.'

'Master, where did the Duchess get this design for the new uniforms from?'

'Ah Schmeid, it is not just the uniforms. I hear that the whole organisation of the army is to be changed and all because of this little book. Fassbinder did say that the Duchess recived it from one of her cousins in Albion where it was printed last year. I believe that it is called "Reveries on the Art of War" and was written more than twenty years ago by Marshal Maurice de Saxe. It is said that he wrote it while being in an ill humour, and, judjing by what we have been given, I would have to agree! Now Schmeid off to bed, tomorrow will be a busy day.'


Herzog Ignaz said...

Just tell Her Grace, regardless of the final result, that it's in the latest Italian or French fashion, depending on her preferences. By the time this can be confirmed it may very well be true.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

A peaceful overture from Cavenderia. Would her majesty allow an exchange of diplomats?

Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein sends his best wishes to the Duchy of Strackenz. The good citizens of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein heartily welcome you into our growing fraternity of imaginations.
Best regards!!!

abdul666 said...

Tiny Monte-Cristo warmly welcomes the Duchy of Strackenz.
On a personal note, Louys enjoys to discover a kindred mind finding inspiration in the "Reveries" - and as a brother-in-arms to learn that the East Riding Militia rides again!

Votre Serviteur,

A J Matthews said...

Fraternal greetings to Her Grace from Grand Duke Karl of Hetzenberg. I'm sure the uniforms of her army will be the epitome of elegance.

Frankfurter said...

To: Duchess of Strackenz
From: Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz von Frankfurter

Your Highness:
My spouse and I will drink a toast to honor your emergence upon the social scene. May your tailors prosper and the Fleecing be rich!
Given the lateness of the season, we will probably hold a fish fry instead of the customary barbeque, but our amabassodor does hope that you will enjoy some excellent brats!

Marquis d'Hottatrot on behalf of their Highnesses

Byrhthelm said...

The Margraftum of Ober Nord Westfalen and the Electorate of Hannunter for once find common cause in extending a hertfelt welcome to the Herzogtum Von Strackenz.

East Riding Militia said...

I am sure that the Duchess Irma will be pleased to hear of your best wishes and would wish for her councilors to enter into dialog with your respective representatives.
However, poor Gruns would also like to recieve any input that your uniform experts may have regarding his daunting task.