Friday, 7 November 2008

The First Helmet Mock-Up

"Ah Schmied, you have the package Herr Landwirt?"

'Yes Master, he apologises for the rough finish, but you did request it as soon as was possible.'

'The finish is of no import, this will just be the initial idea for Fassbinder to show the Duchess. Come along boy, get it out of the box!'

'Not too bad Schmied, as Landwirt says the finish is not ideal but the effect is pleasing. Let us hope the Duchess also thinks so. All it needs now is some colour before it is presented. That can be your job for today, keep it simple and to the point. And while you are at work upon that, I will start on the clothing.'


Bluebear Jeff said...

Aha! So you will be sculpting your own figures . . . I'm impressed indeed.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Pleasing indeed!

Capt Bill said...

What a brilliant idea, should greatly reduce friendly fire situations.

Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! Well done! Like the musthace.
Nice to see another hobbyist doing some sculpting. :-)
Are you just going to do heads to add to commercial minis or are you going to do the whole figure?

East Riding Militia said...

I had seen your Scots, very nice indeed. This head is just to get an idea on the look of the helmet. Others will follow.
I am part way through the first body. Again it is only to get the look of the uniform and proportions for the figures, hence it has a very static pose. As with the heads, others will follow.

East Riding Militia said...

Does it look similar to how you viewed the helmet described by de Saxe?

abdul666 said...

Quite likely - except for the cheek pieces / cheek straps: early 'de Saxe' helmets were deprived of such (they appear, I think, far later in the 18th c. with heavier helmets)

abdul666 said...

Also, Lace Wars helmets were worn perfectly horizontal. The fashion to wear them 'actually' (as still done by the Britsish Horse Guards) or 'looking as' (as with the 'Minerva' helmet of Napoleonic French Dragoons) ± inclined backward came with the 19th C.

East Riding Militia said...

Thanks as ever for the feedback. I put the chinstraps on without thinking.

"Also, Lace Wars helmets were worn perfectly horizontal."

It was supposed to be, the angle on the photo does not help but neither does my poor sculpting. Luckily the fist run through of the figure is just a trial version so that I can find out what works, what seems right and more importantly what I like best.