Wednesday, 23 June 2010

de Saxe in English

With many thanks to 'Drusus G. Rat Esq.' from Gentleman's Wargame Parlour, we now have a link to a copy of the original English translation of the Reveries.
Anyone who wants to have a look just go HERE for the download options.

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abdul666 said...

Being for some reason unable to post a comment on the 'blog' part of the 'Little Soldier Company', I shamelessly hijack this thread for an unconventional suggestion.
"The idea behind the LSC was originally just for me to get those unusual figures that nobody produces. "
Then, what about FEMALE hussars -or, more generally, fictitious 18th C. female cavalry?

Years ago, Eureka started an (± Austrian) SYW female army; The range is 'on hold' for years, and limited to basic infantry and to an artillery crew. As for its availability... it is more than 'confidential', yet I know at least 3 wargamers (all Australian, it's true) fielding 'Sandras'. Eureka could hardly claim to own the 'monopoly' of the idea, so what about complementing / completing it with (± French?) *cavalry*? The market would not be huge, but but I can list hundreds of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations, and the Hinterland Miniature 'Belle Epoque' female hussars, despite their imperfections; had an immediate and remarkable success with Victorian Sci-Fi players. I know Tradition / Willie havein their 'Bonaparte in Egypt' range a "J 27 Madame Roures Ballilote à la hussard", but she is unarmed and the mould is some 40 years old, and thus not of current sculpting standards.
Wargame figures and their major characteristics are to be easily identified when seen 'en masse' from some distance: for the feminine nature of such dragoons or hussars to be obvious they should be as well endowed as Tin Man 'Princess Delia'...
What do you -and Richard- think of the challenge?

Then, a few ladies would be a welcome addition to any ''French HQ' vignette (Tradition has some, but frankly they show their age).

Best regards,