Sunday, 20 June 2010

Size Matters

As always in these things it is a matter of opinion but I really do believe that size matters when it comes to miniatures. And to prove it here is the first pictures of the de Saxe musketeer in metal, with a ruler to let you all see the size.

Please note that although the ruler is on the groung rather than at foot level it still gives a good idea of the size of the figure. This is because the figure is leaning forward as he advances. When i've measured it along the correct axis the height comes out the same, it was just far easier to photograph this way! Photos of all of the figures will be put onto the Little Soldier blog during the course of the day. Each figure has been photographed front and back in both naked and inked metal finishes. They just need resizing befor posting. It may take a while as i'm being taken out for a Father's Day trip to the seaside.


tradgardmastare said...

Looking forward to the piccies...
Enjoy the seaside!
best wishes

Der Alte Fritz said...

I would be happy to paint one each of your figures and send them back to you so that you have some painted examples of your troops.


The EYE would be happy to paint a sample and return...



SteveI said...

Thanks for the offer to paint a few samples for me, however I have that in hand. Expect to see the results shortly.